Benefits of UAV inspections over traditional methods

  • Cost Savings & Cost Avoidance
  • Reduction in worker liability (Insurance)
  • Digital copy of high resolution video of entire inspection
  • GPS marker for any anomalies
  • ​Ability to use your own inspector (observer only)
  • Greater flexibility of schedule

Let us save you time and money, all while maintaining a watchful eye on your installed infrastructure

Deregulation and competition have changed the electrical-power industry business environment. The emphasis of utility companies has shifted to increasing the reliability of the power-delivery system while minimizing costs and maximizing the use of existing facilities. This new emphasis results in a reduction of capital spending on upgrades and new construction. Consequently, there is a need to effectively apply reduced budgets to minimize all expenses including inspection and maintenance cost.
Transmission line components are currently inspected & assessed utilizing field

personnel, both ground based and airborne. For many utilities, the use of drones is 

not considered to be a viable alternative but is seen as futuristic. Technology

developments in the field of robotics and unmanned vehicles, can now be leveraged

to enable the development of an effective, automated-inspection system for

transmission line and tower monitoring applications.

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