We are fully versed in the new requirements in the updated appendices J and K of the FERC’s Dam Safety Surveillance Monitoring Plan and Report (DSSMP/DSSMR) Engineering Guidelines. Let us help you meet these new requirements by performing site wide visual inspections for you or helping you set up your own inspection team with modern robotic solutions to meet the needs of your facility and it's reporting process.

Let us help you identify: alignment/misalignment of dam structures or appurtenances in place on the structures (fences, guardrails, pavements, signposts, and power lines), leakage/seepage, depressions/ruts, cracks, consistency of crest elevation or slope, spalling/pitting, rust, tight/open joints, buckling, bending, corrosion, bulging, etc.

The monitoring of every dam is mandatory because dams change with age and may develop defects. There is no substitute for systematic and intelligent surveillance.

Damaged Dam Face

According to the Federal Energy Regulation Committee (FERC), a comprehensive Dam Safety Surveillance and Monitoring Plan (DSSMP) should be developed for every dam regardless of its size or hazard potential rating. The DSSMP could be as simple as a single page document outlining the basic observations necessary to evaluate the condition of the dam or a multi paged report filled with images and maps. All the major components of facility should be included in the inspection, such as dam, penstock, spillway, etc.

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