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SP2 is GAI-Tronics’ most advanced paging and intercom system yet. Combining the simplicity of “press to page, release to party” operation with cutting-edge multicast Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, SP2 is capable of providing virtually instant communication in the most demanding of environments.

  • SP2 is a serverless system. While other systems rely on servers to route calls and administrate the system, SP2 uses multicast technology, bypassing the need for servers and resulting in a number of benefits.

  • SP2 is fast. Since no server is needed to set up call routing and conference bridges, SP2 can provide immediate one way paging and full-duplex “party line” communication.

  • SP2 is simple. There’s no keypad, no extensions to memorize. Simply lift the handset, select a paging zone, squeeze the handset pressbar, and make an announcement over the system speakers. Release the pressbar and talk on one of the five available party lines.

  • SP2 is reliable. There are no servers to fail or update. SP2 will also notify you of any problems via e-mail.

  • SP2 is flexible. Every SP2 station is capable of being configured with unique characteristics, including priority, zone destinations, volume levels and so on. Indoor, weatherproof and hazardous area stations with worldwide approvals are available, ensuring that SP2 can be used everywhere it’s needed

  • Since SP2 is a serverless system, it can easily be integrated into an existing IP network. This can significantly reduce the installation cost of SP2 and simplify plant data architecture.

SP2 is simply wired to the nearest network switch using CAT5 or CAT5E Ethernet cable. Local power is supplied to each station either as a separate power cable or contained in a hybrid power/Ethernet cable. Simple screw terminals within the station make field wiring possible without the need for any special tools. All SP2 stations feature a 30W, class D speaker amplifier. This amplifier is capable of producing paging output of up to 126dB when matched with GAI-Tronics’ 30W horn / driver combination. SP2 stations can be supplied with a handset, for paging and intercom, or without a handset for where only paging coverage is needed.

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