Sandhills Robotics is a veteran owned business that develops custom robotic solutions for heavy industry. Based in Fayetteville NC, Sandhills Robotics is partnered with scholars at North Carolina State University in a joint effort to grow the robotics industry in that region. A company full of fresh faces and new ideas, Sandhills Robotics was established to bring new technologies out from research and development and into real world industrial applications. Today’s businesses are concerned with reducing waste and finding greater efficiency with processes, and this is precisely where the robotics industry excels. Not only does Sandhills Robotics provide state of the art technology solutions for industry, but also incorporates Lean Six Sigma methodologies in the application of those solutions. Our robotic engineers often find new and exciting ways to solve industrial problems and increase current capacity and capability in many systems. If a solution doesn’t yet exist for our customers, Sandhills Robotics will work hard to invent or achieve that solution.

American Signal Corporation (ASC) proudly designs, manufactures, installs and maintains state-of-the-art mass notification systems and emergency alert systems, as well as critical non-emergency communications. Recognized and implemented worldwide, there solutions are relied upon daily by governments, communities, numerous industries and military facilities. Customers count on ASC products to notify their citizens and personnel to developing situations, wherever they are, using the latest in integrated technologies and comprehensive dissemination systems. There CompuLert™ NEXGen system offers a robust suite of command and control capabilities to users, through an easy-to-use interface that’s powerfully integrative. It operates at the center of your complete emergency alert system, serving as a HUB for action and reaction to developing situations.
Mass notification systems built on CompuLert™ NEXGen are able to employ a full range of ASC products to blanket any mass notification needs. There control station links indoor and outdoor sirens, outdoor digital signage, phone, fax, digital dissemination mediums and mobile alerting technologies together for a complete, comprehensive emergency alert system that’s quickly and easily seen or heard.
Built on N-Tier platform architecture, CompuLert™ NEXGen supports even the broadest-ranging emergency alert systems. It maintains absolute, fault-tolerant integrity over every level of physical hardware or geographic location, to ensure reliability at all times. Control alerting  across campuses, indoors and outdoors, with refined messaging and notifications, all from a command center that’s as mobile as you need to be.
Building mass notification systems from the ground up or modernizing existing ones is simple with CompuLert™ NEXGen at the helm. From the smallest facility to a collection of campuses with thousands of miles between them, ASC’s software, sirens and tailored solutions make It possible to coordinate life-saving at a moment’s notice

Since 1972 TEO Technologies has been developing leading-edge communications technology from the days of analog, through ISDN and VoIP. This track record continued with their development of the very first Unified Communications (UC) system built from the ground up. It was the first platform to support 100% interoperable multi-nodal UC systems with zero degradation of services in the event of network interruptions, as well as the first solution to support cloud, premises, hybrid, and convertible deployments on a singular codebase. In addition to their many UC accomplishments, they have racked up a series of impressive achievements in the defense and intelligence markets. Most recently this has included the first Department of Defense Assured Services SIP certified endpoint, and the first TSG-6 VoIP endpoints. While TEO Tech are extremely innovative (like a startup), they are by no means the new kid on the block. TEO knows what works, they know what doesn’t, and they know what it takes to help you win.

GAI-Tronics® owned by Hubbell Incorporated, is the world’s largest company focused on the communication needs of the world’s industrial markets. Founded in 1946, GAI-Tronics’ earliest products set the industry standard for durability and reliability. While maintaining our commitment to the principles of quality and customer service, today’s GAI-Tronics® aggressively applies leading edge technology to solve the world’s most challenging communication needs, and is backed by stability, reputation, and financial strength of Hubbell Incorporated, a worldwide leader in electrical and electronic products.

Any enterprise where individuals are subjected to an environment that poses challenges to reliable communications and potential harm to people, property, and process, must deal with the need for responding to a possible emergency. These environments are an opportunity for GAI-Tronics® to provide systems, products, and services to improve communications. The benefits to the stakeholders in these environments are to improve reaction time, improve chances for minimizing injury, and saving lives. It is therefore the mission of GAI-Tronics® to provide systems, products, and services of the highest reliability in every one of these situations.

TFM and Associates represent GAI-Tronics, American Signal Corporation, TEO Technologies and Sandhills Robotics across the Southeast United States. All of these reputable companies work together or separately to satisfy your facility's secure communications, regulatory inspection, emergency notification and security needs.

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