TFM and Associates Inc.

Offering simple, cost effective solutions to complex regulatory problems

Mass Notification Systems

Building mass notification systems from the ground up or modernizing existing ones, custom engineered solutions of all sizes to a variety of industries..

Unmanned Robotic Utility Inspections 

Utilizes advanced robotic solutions to regulatory and maintenance inspections  

Attention to safety issues is necessary to insure the high level of employer trust 

and workplace safety that American workers currently 

enjoy. Maintaining that safe work environment is a thankless an often misunderstood task. TFM and Associates Inc. would like the opportunity to talk with safety managers and explain and demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency that modern technology can bring to enhance the safety of your facility. Meeting strict guidelines and governmental regulations need not be a complex chore to be dreaded. Call TFM today and see how we can 

modernize your facility to save time and cost all while enhancing workplace safety.


Industry Communications Solutions

​​Unified Communications, Contact Center, Business VoIP, Secure VoIP, TSG-6, and E911 solutions.

Unified Communications (UC) enables organizations from small businesses to enterprise to communicate with greater ease; improving relationships and helping them achieve greater operational efficiencies, so they can accomplish more in less time.
Our UC suite seamlessly integrates presence, instant messaging, voice, video, mobility, and collaboration tools in a singular suite. The suite integrates with existing systems, installs in minutes, and doesn’t break the budget. Customers can choose to buy the technology, subscribe to cloud services, or create a hybrid deployment. Call TFM today to see which options are right for your business.

Our sales firm is here to help you and your business. From emergency notification to scheduled inspections, meeting regulatory mandates can be a complex and time consuming chore. TFM provides turnkey solutions for Industrial Customers. Those solutions are related to voice and alarm communications for plant processes, emergency notification, and Drone/Robot inspections of transmission lines, solar panel fields, entire plant footprints, chimneys and stacks,. With well over 30 years of experience our knowledgeable staff can tailor a perfect solution to your problems.

TFM and Associates Inc offers quality and professional Industrial Robotic Inspection Services for any type of building or structure where periodic inspections are required. When it comes to high structures such as wind turbines, electrical poles, electric transmission lines or bridges, aerial inspection is often the most cost effective solution, Aerial inspections are also useful for inspecting large area facilities such as large scale solar installations. Inspections are the key to early detection of problems and proper preventative maintenance. Ready to start your own Robotics team? We can help you choose the right equipment to suite your needs or custom build your own unique solution.


Emergency Notification

One-way and Two-way secure communication systems and wired or wireless loudspeakers